Developing improved sea level data for the Baltic Region, using satellite data


The Baltic Sea region is the perfect test environment for developing advanced sea-level products using satellite data. Our beautiful, but structurally complex coastline, in combination with seasonal sea-ice formation presents significant challenges for extracting useful sea-level information from satellite-data. Our team has investigated and overcome these challenges, ensuring that Baltic Sea stakeholders benefit from improved sea-level information, and global sea-level product developers benefit from our lessons learned.

Satellite-derived data allowed us to obtain sea-level measurements across the Baltic Sea at near-daily intervals. The ESA funded Baltic SEAL project created and validated an improved sea level data product for the region. The team worked on combining the latest innovations in Coastal Altimetry and data processing, with regional expertise and  knowledge of our Baltic Sea environment.

Baltic SEAL values the perspectives of sea-level data users to help shape and refine our products and delivery. If you are based in the Baltic Sea region, and are interested in helping us shape the future development of these data products, please contact us, or follow us on our dedicated Twitter stream.